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Detail Description

  • Easily remove kernels from the cob in one quick motion
  • Holds approximately 2 ears of corn; to empty, pour kernels from spout
  • Place on narrow end of cob and press straight down to bottom
  • Stainless steel blade adjusts to width of the corn cob; top rack dishwasher safe
  • All kernels collect neatly in holder-no more mess to clean up



Customer Reviews

Heidi    November 09 2016
My family and I love this, this has got to be the best invention ever. We love corn on the cob but hate eating it off the cob, for very specific reasons, we hate that it gets stuck in your teeth while eating it. We would always use a knife to cut off the corn from the cob but with this new little gadget it is so much easier and safer than using a knife. It is such a hassle using a knife. My dad really enjoys this because he has dentures and is always afraid to eat corn on the cob in fear of messing up his teeth. I love it and would highly recommend getting this product.
Cris6574    November 08 2016
My parents love to can and love to freeze food for later use. One of the favorite things my dad likes to cook and freeze is fried corn. When he use to cut the corn of the cob it was always a big ordeal. Her would use a huge knife to slide down the cob and hope not to cut up his hand or fingers. I have seen other products that help with this and even have one but this one I like the best. It is so easy to use and doesn't make a huge mess.

The cutter has instructions right on the top and are very easy to read and understand. The cutter is shaped like a donut and the corn goes right in the middle. The instructions say to slide it down the corn but I found it easier to twist it around the cob and it worked just as well. The circle catches the corn as its cut and holds it till I am ready to pour it out. The cutter is made of a nice thick plastic and is super easy to clean up after using it. It can be placed on the top rack of the dishwasher or hand washed. I really think that once he gets used to it he will love it. He's not really in to changes but this one I think he will love it.
kyky    November 08 2016
I love this! I am so happy. I love corn on the cob but I hate eating it. My husband usually cuts the corn off for me but not any more! I can do it myself. I have fresh delicious corn with almost no work for it! He can BBQ an no worries on my end. He also doesn't have to spend 20 mins trying to cut it all off for me! This is also great for my kids. I have a 2 year old who has issues trying to eat corn on the cobb. So this is wonderful for him too! No mess!
xxplumcrazeexx    November 07 2016
It has to be the perfect size piece of corn to fit through but other than that, it works perfectly.
Amanda    November 05 2016
This is a wonderful product for anyone who has trouble eating corn on the cob! I actually bought this as a gift for my Grandma. She loves fresh corn, but she wears dentures, and can't eat it anymore. We often get together for family dinners, and when we have corn on the cob, someone has to use a knife to cut the corn off for her - which is messy and usually takes a long time.

This corn kernel remover is EXACTLY what we needed to make sure my Grandma can still enjoy fresh corn on the cob. It's amazingly efficiently, stripping the corn from all sides of the cob and catching them in the round catcher to make sure corn kernels don't go flying everywhere - which is exactly what they do when we use the knife.

This corn thresher is a really simple product, but it's really quite clever and very efficient, and I'm so glad my Grandma can now eat one of her favorite foods again - quickly, and easily.
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